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Newsletter June 2015


I would like to start by thanking you for your fantastic support throughout our Wacky Races topic. I was overwhelmed to see the effort that had been put into the children’s outfits for our race day. I am pleased to say the Mighty Leopards came 3rd overall, Well-deserved too. The children worked their socks off to design such an eye-catching and original go kart (with a little help from Chloe’s dad, which we are eternally grateful for). The children were fantastically well behaved and showed true sportsmanship in congratulating other teams for their efforts. Please check out all the excitement on our Richmond Hill YouTube channel.


We are sadly now in our final term, soon your lovely children will be moving on up to Year 2. The children will begin their transition starting next week. They will be meeting their new teacher Miss Morgan and accessing their new learning environment for an hour a week. I will be extremely sad to see them go but ever so proud of their progress over the year. I wish all the children currently in 1R1 all the best in their transition to Year 2.


Before we finish our year together we have one last exciting topic to learn about. Our whole school project is carnival. As a class we are learning all about Brazil and the carnivals that take place there.  We will be learning a Brazilian dance called the capoeira to perform at the school carnival in July. We will also be transforming our go kart into a Brazilin float to parade around the carnival. To support our knowledge and understanding about Brazil we will be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest and why it is so important. 


As discussed as parents evening and in the previous newsletter year one children will be completing the phonics screening check. This will be taking place the week commencing Monday 15th June. This entails the children using their phonic knowledge to sound out and blend 40 real and alien words. Parents will be informed of their child’s pass mark stating if they have successfully passed.  If your child does not pass it is nothing to worry about, as they will simply just repeat the test at the end of year 2. Please come and see me if you would like a more thorough explanation. We have had several practice tests so the children are familiar with the test format and they seem happy to show us how much they have learnt. I am already extremely impressed by the progress they have made in their reading. Please encourage your child to do as much home reading as possible over the next few weeks. Ask your child to highlight the sounds they can see when reading such as ‘ee’ in seen and ‘oi’ in boil. This will support your child to recognise more complex sounds in words.


Useful website to support your child on their phonics journey 


We now have a date for our school sports day. Fingers crossed the sunshine is out for Thursday 25th June. It would be lovely if you could come down and join in with the fun.


School reports will be issued around the beginning of July. I am currently enjoying writing the reports and sharing your child’s achievement with you.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to speak to any member of staff in our class.


Thank you for your continued support.


Many Thanks


Miss Crawford, Mrs Adkin and Miss R McGloughlin

Newsletter April 2015 


Welcome back!


It was truly heart-warming to see how excited the children were to come back to school. The children have returned full of exciting stories about their holidays. All of the class have jumped in with two feet into our new topic ‘Wacky Races’. We are very much looking forward to designing our own racing car in Art and DT. The children produced some fantastic homework with great ideas for our go-kart. I look forward to putting the children’s ideas into practise when designing and building it. Towards the end of the half term we will be competing against the other classes to see whose car has the best design and is the fastest around a race track. I have no doubt we will be way up there with our class creativity and attention to detail. If you have any expertise in this area, please, please, please share it with us to help us design the fastest and most creative go-kart.


Since coming back to school the weather has been fantastic and the children have enjoyed playing out in the sun. I am hoping to move the classroom learning outside for several lessons. Please ensure your child comes to school with suntan lotion on and appropriate clothing such as shorts and a sun hat. I can store the children’s cream in the class which they can apply at lunchtime to ensure they are well protected; please put their name on their sun cream. With the rising temperature it is also extremely important that the children stay well hydrated, to support this please can you provide a water bottle for your child to bring into school.


Our class P.E days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has an inside and outside P.E kit. Trainers are essential now we are able to access the school playing field. Please also ensure your child is bringing their reading book back on their reading day and their homework book on a Wednesday.


Mathematics and Read Write Inc lessons are still going well and the extra phonic sessions are proving to be extremely beneficial. As discussed at parents evening, the phonics screening test will be held the week commencing 15th June. The children will be supported every step of the way and the screening will be administered by a familiar member of staff. To support your child with preparation for the screening test you could access some silly and real word games at I can provide more information on how to best support your child in this process.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to speak to any member of staff in our class.

Many Thanks


Miss Crawford, Mrs Adkin and Miss R McGloughlin


Newsletter March 2015 


Welcome back to another half term, this year is flying past us!  The children have again come back fully rested and ready to learn. The homework completed by the children over the holiday was fantastic. I have made a lovely display about all their exciting baking opportunities which you provided, so thank you very much.


The children are very excited about our new topic ‘Worlds Kitchen’. We have been learning all about the countries that make up the U.K and the capital cities of each country. We are also going to be looking at a Non-European country to see the similarities and differences. This week we started learning about Japan, we had lots of fun making Sushi! We are pretty good so going to show the rest of the school how to do it on Japanese cuisine day in the dinner hall. Next week we will be making Japanese decorations including fish, Japanese blossom tree pictures and origami birds ready to decorate the hall.


In Literacy we are learning about instructions and how we use bossy verbs when giving or writing instructions. We had lots of fun making jam sandwiches following verbal instructions. Maybe you could continue to support your child to recognise instructions and what they are used for.


This week we have celebrated ‘World Book day’. We have been learning about Harry Potter and all his magical potions. We made our own potions and turned our friends into silly animals.


Mathematics and Read Write Inc lessons are still going well and we have now introduced extra daily phonics lessons to prepare us for the summer phonics screening test. More information on this will be provided in parent’s evening on 26th March.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to speak to any member of staff in our class.

Many Thanks

Miss Crawford, Miss Thompson and Mrs Adkin

Newsletter January 2015


On behalf of staff in 1R1, we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year. We hope it is one to remember. The children have returned to school very excited to share the exciting stories of what they have enjoyed over the Christmas festivities. The children seem well rested and ready to learn which is lovely to see. The children have settled back into school life very well.


Children in 1R1 worked extremely hard last term in all areas of learning, especially on our topic ‘Royals and Rebels’, we enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts about Robin Hood.  As a class we produced a very exciting and interactive activity book for children to learn all about Robin Hood. Our fantastic creation will be available for children who access the Royal Armouries to use. Our activity book is made up of things we have made over the term. We drew pictures for children to colour in, we made dot-to-dots, wrote true or false statements as well as lots of other exciting activities.  Why not get down to the Armouries and have a look!


Our new topic this half term is ‘Colossal Cultures’, we are focusing on Ancient Egypt. We are going to be learning all about Egypt a long, long, long, long time ago.  We are going to be making Pyramids out of clay and other resources such as Lego and sugar cubes. We are going to design and make Ancient Egyptian Death masks and learn all about the daily life of Ancient Egyptians. This week we have written our names using hieroglyphics, it was tricky but we did it! In a couple of weeks we are partaking in an Ancient Egyptian dance workshop which will be held in school. We are also hoping towards the end of this half-term to visit Harrogate Museum to explore Ancient Egyptian artefacts. 


Please remind your children to bring their full PE kits on a Tuesday and Wednesday.


Our reading groups have changed slightly. Please can you ensure your child brings their home reading books on the days specified below? Your child will know what reading group they are in.


Gruffalo’s – Monday

Hungry caterpillar’s – Wednesday

Elmer and Handa’s Surprise – Thursday

Rainbow Fish – Friday


As always, please feel free to discuss any questions or queries with any member of staff in 1R1, either at 8:50 or 3:15.


Many Thanks

Miss Crawford, Miss Thompson and Mrs Adkin

Welcome to Class 1R1!


What a fantastic start Year 1have made. We had a very exciting first half term filled with lots of interesting learning and exciting activities. Our topic in Autumn 1 was ‘Crazy Climates’. We learnt a fun song to help us remember the seven continents of the world, ask your children to sing you our special song. We enjoyed learning all about different countries and their varying climates.

New Topic


Our topic this half term is ‘Royals and Rebels’. We are learning all about Robin Hood. We are really enjoying dressing up as the different characters from Robin Hood and acting out the story. We have been carrying out lots of research around Robin Hood and finding out what people thought about him. As a class we believe he was a good man as he helped the poor. For our role-play area we have painted and built a castle, we had a fun afternoon in the sun painting it together. The castle courtyard provides us with room to go to battle. As part of our Robin Hood topic we have the honour of producing an activity book for children to access whilst vising the Royal Armouries. We are making fun and exciting activities so other children can learn about Robin Hood too.


Personal belongings

In 1R1 we take care of all of our things, so it really helps if you put your child’s name in all of their belongings. On a morning each child is expected to empty their book bags and put their reading books in their group’s box and put their bag in their tray. They are also expected to put their shoes under their peg and put their pumps on. Please can you ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor P.E kit in school on their designated P.E days? During this half term our P.E days are Tuesday and Wednesday.


Homework and reading books

Homework will be sent out every Friday and will be directly linked to topic and Numeracy. Your child has a designated reading day which was highlighted at the beginning of the year. Your child will read with their teacher on this day. If your child finishes their book before their next reading day, please send it in and we will happily change it. We strongly encourage enjoying and reading lots of exciting stories with your child.

Exciting News!


We are thrilled in 1R1 to have the privilege of Pink (the dog) joining us once a week to hear how fantastic we are at reading. Pink is a lovely black Labrador who provides comfort to us as we read. Pink is a licensed therapy dog who is insured to be in school with her handler Jon. We are thrilled to be taking part in a study to see if dogs support children in their early stages of reading.


During school this week we are celebrating ‘Fantastic Friendships’. As part of our school focus this week we have had a turn in the photo booth. All the children got to have a picture taken in the booth with their friends, to make it even more exciting we provided the children with funny props such as huge glasses, funny hats and wigs. It’s safe to stay we all enjoyed it way too much!


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little bit about the exciting topics we are covering in Year 1 and the fun activities we get to take part in.


Please feel free to discuss any questions or queries with any member of staff in 1R1, either at 8:50 or 3:15.


Many Thanks


Miss Crawford, Miss Thompson and Mrs Adkin