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Welcome to 1R3 !

Dear Parents/Carers


Welcome back to school after the holidays. We have a lot lined up for the first half of the Summer Term.


So far there have been many changes already like our new behaviour policy. It has been great to see the children adjust to our new reward system and get used to being in different ‘houses’. We have seen a great response from the children and with encouragement from home and school we hope to continue the positive behaviour and effort in and around school.


This week we have already had new diaries that have been sent out for each child. This book is intended to be used a ‘correspondence’ book to improve communication between home and school so we can work better together to support each other. In the diary you can find a weekly page to record anything you may think we wish to know i.e. your child has had bad news, your child has had a restless night etc. With this information we can be more considerate to each pupils’ needs.


The diary also has a weekly reading page where you can record when you have listened to your child read and how well they did. We encourage pupils to read every night even if it is only a few pages. Once they have finished a book, please send it back in so we can change it ready for the end of the day.


The diary, should be brought everyday so it can be used in school to communicate with home as well. We will also be monitoring how often books, homework and diaries are brought back and encouraging the children to be responsible for remembering it every day. Each child will receive points for their ‘house’ according to how often this is completed. 


Our topic this term is Wacky Races. We will be tying this in with our Science, Art and DT and be investigating forces and product design for a model car.

Each class will be receiving a go cart large enough to fit one child in and after we have made our own themed car, we will compete against the rest of the school in a race at the end of term.


Lastly I would like to thank the families who have made me most welcome at Richmond Hill Primary School. Your support and enthusiasm in guiding your children has a fantastic positive impact on our daily routine at school.

Many regards



Miss L Foster, Mrs Reynolds and Miss McVeigh

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Happy New Year ! This half term we will be going back in time, longer ago than Robin Hood, even longer ago than 1AD to the Ancient Egyptians ! We will be making pyramids out of boxes and clay ( and even sugar cubes ! ). Archeologists have found out a lot about Ancient Egypt because of artefacts they have dug up and we will be sharing in their discoveries, by looking at photographs and models. In Science, we will be learning about different materials and in Mathematics we will learn about properties of shapes, addition, subtraction and measurement. Literacy groups are helping us get better and better at reading and writing !

PE days are still Wednesdays and Thursdays - please ensure your child has their kit in school and brings their book bag every day. Thank you for your support !

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to school after the holidays. We hope the children had a restful week in preparation for the last half term and also had the chance to tell you all about our Wacky Race Day. Especially as 1R3 came joint second overall out of twenty classes who took part! What a great result for our team!

It has been amazing to see so many reading books and homework coming in on a regular basis. The children are taking much more responsibility for their own learning by undertaking these activities at home and it also allows you as parents to see how your child is progressing along with the topics we are covering in school. Thank you.

This term we have an important Phonics Assessment taking place on the week beginning the 15th June. This includes pupils reading words which they decode using their phonics knowledge. These words maybe real or nonsense words but it is all about sounding them out correctly. We are very confident the children will give the assessment their best shot but extra reading and practice at home would be extremely beneficial for them too.

This term in our topic work we are going to be investigating North America. We will be looking at its location and climate along with famous landmarks, music and people. We also will be looking into the Native Americans and finding out about their lifestyles and culture and how it has changed over the years.

If you have any books or items that you think would fit into this topic please send them in so we can have a look at them and discuss their significance and value.

We will be holding a carnival at the end of term where we will design a float for a parade to show off everything we have learnt in our topic work as well as performing our North American Line Dance routine to the rest of the school.

This term you will also be receiving your child’s school report. Please read them carefully and feel free to come and discuss further the information you have received.

Again, thank you for your continued support last term. We are looking forward to working together this term to prepare your child for Year 2 both academically and by increasing their independence and accountability skills.


Many regards,

Miss L Foster, Mrs Reynolds and Miss McVeigh