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Monday 20th June 2016


This term we have been looking at the EU Referendum and examining the arguments for and against staying in the EU.  We will be holding a debate in the classroom and a vote the next day. We will then compare our results with the nation's decision.


Year 6 Transition


High schools have visited us to meet the pupils that will be joining them in September.  Those pupils going to DYCA will be leaving us at the end of this week.  We are all working very hard to ensure that the transition to high school is a positive experience for everyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Year 6 Trip


Our trip will be on the 4th July and payment needs to be made in full before that date.  You can send money in with your child, or hand it in at the office.


School Play/Leavers' Assembly


The end of year play will be on the 20th July starting at 1.45pm.  The leavers' assembly will take place straight after.


End of Year Party


We are organising an end of year party to reward pupils for good behaviour throughout the year. Invitations will be sent out in due course. The party will take place on Thursday 21st July at 4.00pm - 5.00pm.


Have a great summer.




Miss Clunie




Friday 22nd April 2016



Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back after our (late) Easter holidays. It really is a really important time for the Year 6 pupils as we now have 2 weeks before SATS tests.  The tests start on the 8th May and continue throughout that week.


What you can do to help your child:

  • Make sure you get your child to school on time, or even take advantage of our Mathletics Breakfast Club.It’s free!

  • Talk to your child about the tests and encourage them to tell you what they need help with.

  • Read anything with them and ask them questions.You can use newspaper articles (including the sports pages), posters, adverts, and of course, books.

  • Practise times table facts with them.It will help them to recall the facts quickly when they need them.

  • Practise calming strategies with them, eg, deep breathing, counting to ten, thinking of a happy place. This reinforces the activities we have done in school and then they can refocus on the task in front of them.

  • Encourage the children to use their online programs at home – mathletics and spellodrome, SATS tests online.


SATS week Breakfast Club
We need Year 6 children to be in school as early as possible, between 8.00am and 8.30am.  Breakfast Club will be open from 8.00am, and the Year 6 children will be treated to a special bacon sandwich breakfast (toast and cereal will be available for those who do not eat meat). If you cannot bring your child in before 8.30am, please let us know in advance. 

If your child is ill – please ring school and tell us what the problem is, and let us decide whether it is best for your child to be in school or not.

In an emergency – please ring us and let us know what is happening, for instance if your child has injured themselves and is in hospital, we may be able to make arrangements for the tests at another time of the day.

Timetable for SATS

Monday 8th May        -           Reading Paper

Tuesday 9th May       -           Grammar Paper and Spelling Paper

Wednesday 10th May-         Maths Arithmetic Paper 1 and Reasoning Paper 2

Thursday 11th May   -           Maths Reasoning Paper 3



The Department for Education is doing baseline assessment trials of the maths tests on Wednesday 27th April, and has chosen class 6M1 to do these tests. They are in addition to the SATS week, but all children must be in school to start the tests by 9.00am.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tests, please speak to me or Mr Maher, or leave a message with the office and we will call you back.


Yours sincerely


M Clunie

UKS2 Phase Leader

Dear Parents


Welcome back after the half term break.


There are only 9 school weeks left before Year 6 undertake their SATS test (week beginning 9th May).  I am very proud of how hard everyone has worked during the year so far, and we are doing our best to make sure that each and every child is confident during these tests.


We are introducing a number of initiatives during this half term to enable children to get the best from the resources in school.


These are:


  • Lunchtime booster session using online tests

  • Reading booster groups after school on Mondays (including advanced level)

  • Maths arithmetic booster groups after school on Tuesdays

  • Spelling and Grammar booster groups after school on Wednesdays

  • Maths reasoning booster groups after school on Thursdays

  • Year 6 Breakfast Club*.


*All Year 6 pupils are invited to breakfast club after half term FREE OF CHARGE. They should arrive at 8:00am, have breakfast, then will go to the ICT suite and do revision of their choice on Mathletics or our SATS revision aid;  or .  Pupils can also access this from home, and can also access Mathletics at home, too.


In addition, there will be a number of prizes to award to children who have made the most effort in these booster groups and revision sessions.


I am sure you will help us support your child in achieving their best at school by encouraging them to take part in these sessions.  We will make them as fun and informal as possible.  If you have any questions about your child’s progress, or any of the above groups, please see me either at school, or contact me by email:



Miss M Clunie

Upper Key Stage Phase Leader

Happy New Year

This term we will be investigating what life was like in Victorian Leeds and compare life now to then.  We will experience what life was like in the Victorian classroom, and will be working in accordance with those rules. School will be providing costumes for the pupils to make this as authentic as possible. In addition, we will be checking out the buildings in Leeds, past and present, and designing modern versions of familiar constructions.


SATS revision

We are getting closer to SATS time - Week beginning 8th May - and will be spending a lot more time looking at past papers and example questions.  We do try to make this as fun and interesting as possible, and the pupils have been very engaged in the work we have done so far. You can help at home by reading with your child - anything from newspapers, magazines, articles on the internet as well as books -  and ask lots of questions.  We will be sending home revision material which can be brought back into class whenever your child has completed it.


Booster Groups

As well as the work we do in class, we will have a programme for pupils we feel need a boost to help them achieve their best performance this year.  Some groups will be scheduled within the school day; others will be after school. If your child is invited to attend an after school group, this will take precedence over any sporting activities. Miss Moores and I will ensure that children are aware and prepared for any competitions and they will still be able to take part. If you have any questions please get in touch with me.



Autumn 2 - Royals and Rebels

After a great start in Autumn 1 with our Crazy Climates topic, we head back to Tudor times to discover the world of King Henry VIII.  Our pupils have already done lots of research on the interesting facts about him, and are learning that sometimes research has to be checked that it is correct. Safe use of the internet and appropriate child friendly sites is very important, whether your child is at school or learning at home.  We have a particular "wow" event planned for the end of the topic which we are keeping a secret for now.  Watch this space.



Following the new curriculum set out by the Government for Maths, we have changed the style of teaching and learning in Year 6.  With a more practical approach using different resources (see photos), we can talk about how we obtain our answers and demonstrate the theory behind them.  Having spent a number of weeks investigating decimals, fractions and percentages, most children in 6m1 are confident at:

  • working out sales prices based on percentage discounts
  • simplifying fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • multiplying fractions by whole numbers and by other fractions, and
  • dividing fractions by a whole number.


This term we are concentrating on poetry, and have introduced  "A Christmas Carol" (or Scrooge) as a guided reading text and play material. Getting used to older vocabulary is a challenge, but we are getting there.  Any reading you can do with your child at home is very important, no matter what it is.  Newspapers, match programmes, books, magazines, etc all give children access to different vocabulary.


Guess Whose Pet Competition

Thank you for all your support for our competition.  The class raised enough funds to buy the prize (important), donate to the Dogs Trust Charity, and buy themselves a popcorn machine for reward time.  They were very enthusiastic and worked well as a team. The winner of the £20 Asda voucher was Rainbows.



6m1 has had great attendance - which is very important in Year 6.  If your child has been physically sick, then please keep them off for 48 hours until they are well.  If in doubt talk to us or ring school in the morning. If you want to get in touch with me, either ask on the door in the morning or pick up time, or ask in the office and I can ring you  when I'm not in class.


Have a great half term.


Miss Clunie


I hope you have all had a good summer and are as glad to be back at school as I am.  We have a great year planned for Year 6, and I'm sure the pupils will enjoy the topics we are studying this year.  We have an extended Year 6 team this year  - Miss Clunie (6M1), Mrs Wallis (6M2), Mr Keddie (6M3), Miss Gamble, Miss Lea, Mr Tonkinson, Miss Cook, and Miss Hamed.



Our first topic is Crazy Climate.  We will be looking at weather patterns and climates around the world, and even writing our own weather forecasts.  A special visitor will be in school to help us present our work.  More to come later.  After half term, we will be investigating Henry VIII in our Royals and Rebels topic. 


Reward System

We have introduced a new reward system similar to collecting supermarket points.  Points are allocated for lots of things - being helpful, good work, great role models - and children can save these points on their reward cards until they have enough to spend on an activity they like.  Points will also be awarded for homework, and tasks undertaken will have a number of points allocated.


High School Applications

As it is the last year of primary school for these children, it is important that you understand the process of applying for High Schools in the area.  Many schools have open days during September and October and I would advise you to try to attend these to get a good feel for each school in the area. Some schools send us information to pass on to you - you will receive this shortly - others prefer you to contact them directly.  We have good links with all the high schools in the area.  We will help you with the application process for high school if you need it - it can be a very stressful time for children and parents, so please come and see us if you need some help.  We will send out details of a parents' meeting after school so Miss Kay can show you all the paperwork or online systems you need to fill in.



We do encourage home-school learning, and so children will have homework sent home each week to help them practise the skills they have learnt in school.  We are using a takeaway homework system this year to tie in with the reward system.  Children can choose the level of homework they want to do.  This is a very popular in high schools and I think that our pupils in Year 6 will be encouraged to take part. You can help you child by talking through the homework options with them.  If you have any questions please come and see us.


SATS tests

Testing in Year 6 is something we cannot get away from, but we have worked hard over the past year to work out a system to help our children be as prepared as they can be for SATS week, and to see the test process as a challenge rather than a stress.  At different points of the year we will have a practice SATS week so the children understand what will happen, and are used to the exam conditions before they do it for real.  These practice sessions also give us good information on how different children will react - we know our pupils very well, but sometimes real life can get in the way of learning!  We will let the children know before the practice weeks start so they know what to expect.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to come and speak to one of the team.


We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.



Miss Clunie, Mrs Wallis, Mr Keddie