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Friday 5th June 2015


I’m sure you will join us in the relief that our SATS tests are over and all our assessments are completed.  The children were magnificent throughout the week, and their attitude towards these tests was great.  Year 6 enjoyed their bacon sandwiches for breakfast, and chatting to staff in the coffee shop before the school day started.  The SATS results are normally sent to the school at the beginning of July, and we will pass this information onto you.


This half-term is all about completing primary school and transition to high school.  High schools have been in contact with us and will be coming in to meet the children, as well as arranging days where the children go up to their new high school.  We understand that this very exciting as well as a bit daunting for our pupils, and have a lot of discussions about moving on.

We have lots of activities planned for this half term.  Our trip to Urban Altitude is on the 14th July – this is a very important final trip in Year 6, so if your child hasn’t already signed up for it, please talk to us.  I wouldn’t want anyone to miss it.  You can send money in for the trip over the next few weeks to spread the cost.


Also, we have sent out Bikeability letters today, another activity based in school and the surrounding area. If you would like your child to take part, please send back the consent form.


Year 6 will be performing their end of year play on the 9th July.  I will send more details out closer to the time.


We would also like to invite you to an end of year picnic.  We will arrange the details and send them out as soon as possible.  In the past it has been a lovely way to say goodbye to children and their families leaving the school.


Once again, thank you, for supporting your child and Richmond Hill Primary School throughout their time here.


We look forward to seeing you at our end of term events.





Miss Clunie

Hurray, it’s summer.


Just as the weather gets better, the closer we get to SATS for Year 6.  The children have come back to school with a great attitude, and I’m sure we are all eager to get SATS out of the way and on with something else.


A big “thank you” to everyone who has assisted with the home learning pack we sent out before the holiday. As I explained, it was up to children to do what they felt they needed to practise, and most children have had a really good go over the holidays. Breakfast club is still free for Year 6 up until SATS are finished and this provides more independent revision opportunities.


With the end in sight, we have a couple of revision weeks planned:


Next week is our last Mock SATS week.  The children must be in school by 8.50am.  The information from these tests informs our teacher assessments as well as giving the children feedback of how well they are doing.  We will also have lots of relaxing opportunities throughout the week.


The Bank Holiday week is a week with a difference!  We will have themed days which are:


Tuesday – Sums and Smoothies

Wednesday – Fractions and Frisbees

Thursday – Proportion and Pizza

Friday – Division Disco


We will make sure there are lots of photos on the website so you can share the fun.


SATS Week – 11th May – 14th May

It is essential that all children are in school on these days, and we would ask parents to bring children to school from 8.00am if possible so they can enjoy breakfast with their friends and teachers. We will have a special SATS menu.  If your child is ill, or there is a family emergency which may cause a problem with your child being at school, please let us know as soon as possible. Please tell us anything which may affect your child during this time.  We want to make sure the experience is a positive one, and have gone to great lengths to ensure your children are confident and happy during this week.


If you have any concerns or anything you would like to ask us about the remaining time in Year 6, please see me or Mr Horsfield in the playground after school, or you can ring the office and arrange a time when I am available.




Miss Clunie




I can’t believe that we are now over half way through the year and are only weeks away from the children sitting their SAT exams. It is fantastic to see how much progress the children have made since September and I am sure they will continue to work hard to ensure they achieve their potential.  


We are already well underway with our new topic ‘The World’s Kitchen’ and children across Year 6 are studying Japan. We have already made (and tasted!) sushi and Japanese green tea and are going to prepare much more Japanese cuisine between now and Easter. We will also be working to write instructions for how to make various Japanese dishes and will enjoy making videos for you to try to follow at home.


Preparation for SAT exams is well underway and many children are enjoying the challenge of improving upon their scores on Sats Tests Online. Children can also access these at home by clicking the following link Children can also come into school at 8pm for Breakfast Club - year 6 children are free of charge and will be taken into the ICT Suite where they can access the SATS test program or Mathletics. 


We are also running various SATs booster sessions for the majority of children. These sessions take place both during the school day and after school. These sessions are specifically tailored to the children’s needs to enable them to fully achieve their potential. I would like to thank children for their efforts in these sessions and can definitely see an increase in confidence when tackling exam style questions.      


PE is still on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and lessons may be indoor or outdoor so please ensure your child has appropriate kit for all weathers. Please remember to label any new kit with children’s names as some children still haven’t yet mastered the art of keeping their belongings in one place!


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to any member of staff in our class. Alternatively, please feel free to raise any issues/concerns at parent’s evening on Thursday 26th March.



Welcome to Class 6M1!


Class 6M1

I really can't believe how quickly this year is going.  With one week to go until half term (and half way through the academic year) our Year 6 students are showing an equal amount of maturity and enjoying the treats as we head towards the business end of life at Richmond Hill Primary School.


Although I know SATS tests results do not define the children that we teach, I am amazed at how well everyone is working towards this goal.  To help our students with these statuatory tests, we are working to a schedule which not only allows students to experience of how SATS week will be presented to them - the routines and people involved as well as the question papers - but also allows them the downtime to offset the pressure.


In addition to this, we have enjoyed our Colossal Leeds topic particularly trying to design a new, modern Leeds Town Hall.  With some expert advice from Future Forms Ltd, a company who specialises in modular buildings ( the class have investigated what makes a building good.  Asking Future Form's architects some thought provoking questions allowed for some creative ideas on how to rebuild Leeds' iconic building.