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I hope you have all had a good summer and are as glad to be back at school as I am.  We have a great year planned for Year 6, and I'm sure the pupils will enjoy the topics we are studying this year.  We have an extended Year 6 team this year  - Miss Clunie (6M1), Mrs Wallis (6M2), Mr Keddie (6M3), Miss Gamble, Miss Lea, Mr Tonkinson, Miss Cook, and Miss Hamed.



Our first topic is Crazy Climate.  We will be looking at weather patterns and climates around the world, and even writing our own weather forecasts.  A special visitor will be in school to help us present our work.  More to come later.  After half term, we will be investigating Henry VIII in our Royals and Rebels topic. 


Reward System

We have introduced a new reward system similar to collecting supermarket points.  Points are allocated for lots of things - being helpful, good work, great role models - and children can save these points on their reward cards until they have enough to spend on an activity they like.  Points will also be awarded for homework, and tasks undertaken will have a number of points allocated.


High School Applications

As it is the last year of primary school for these children, it is important that you understand the process of applying for High Schools in the area.  Many schools have open days during September and October and I would advise you to try to attend these to get a good feel for each school in the area. Some schools send us information to pass on to you - you will receive this shortly - others prefer you to contact them directly.  We have good links with all the high schools in the area.  We will help you with the application process for high school if you need it - it can be a very stressful time for children and parents, so please come and see us if you need some help.  We will send out details of a parents' meeting after school so Miss Kay can show you all the paperwork or online systems you need to fill in.



We do encourage home-school learning, and so children will have homework sent home each week to help them practise the skills they have learnt in school.  We are using a takeaway homework system this year to tie in with the reward system.  Children can choose the level of homework they want to do.  This is a very popular in high schools and I think that our pupils in Year 6 will be encouraged to take part. You can help you child by talking through the homework options with them.  If you have any questions please come and see us.


SATS tests

Testing in Year 6 is something we cannot get away from, but we have worked hard over the past year to work out a system to help our children be as prepared as they can be for SATS week, and to see the test process as a challenge rather than a stress.  At different points of the year we will have a practice SATS week so the children understand what will happen, and are used to the exam conditions before they do it for real.  These practice sessions also give us good information on how different children will react - we know our pupils very well, but sometimes real life can get in the way of learning!  We will let the children know before the practice weeks start so they know what to expect.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to come and speak to one of the team.


We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.



Miss Clunie, Mrs Wallis, Mr Keddie