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Beatrix Potter - Mrs Martin

Summer Newsletter 2017

Spring 2 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to Richmond Hill Nursery ! My name is Mrs Martin and I am lucky enough to be the new Nursery teacher here at Richmond Hill. I am very excited about my new challenge and  I am looking forward to all the children beginning their learning experience with me and the Nursery Team. The team consists of Miss Kell, Miss Williams and Miss Chirkova and we are all on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have.

During this half term we are going to be settling in to class routines, learning lots about each other, making friendships and exploring all the exciting things that Nursery has to offer.

Children are provided with as many opportunities as possible to explore and be creative learners. We have a free flow system where children can initiate their own learning, alongside focus activities where children are supported to develop specific skills.

You can help your children by

  • Talking to your child and asking them questions that need an answer
  • Counting objects such as stairs, cars and people
  • Encouraging your child to identify numbers on buses or doors
  • Encouraging your child to identify shapes and colours

In Nursery this half term we have been lucky enough to be visited by Sam`s Safari. Children had the opportunity to touch, feel and hold the different animals on offer. Ask your child about Twiggy the stick insect, Terence the white tree frog, Flash the mountain king snake or Brucey the bearded dragon.

All the children were very interested and very brave !

Once again welcome to Nursery and let the adventure begin !