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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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English as an Additional Language(EAL)


In Richmond Hill Academy a large percentage of the pupils come from minority ethnic backgrounds and 30% of the pupils within the school speak English as an additional language. 


Our largest cohort of EAL pupils are of Portuguese heritage and the second largest language group is Polish. We have international arrivals from the Middle East, The Far East, Africa and Europe. (China, Japan, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy)

There is huge diversity within the EAL pupils. Some of our pupils are from overseas families who have moved to Leeds for work or others arrived in the UK as asylum seekers and refugees. Our staff understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and extend a welcome to everyone as equal and valued member of the school and community.


In Richmond Hill Academy we are committed to improve our practice so that the needs of our EAL pupils are met.


Through individualised learning programmes, intervention and support we will continue to further raise the attainment of EAL pupils across the curriculum.

We aim to improve relationships with parents and the community. We are currently working on a multi-lingual welcome booklet for New-to-English arrivals, translated school information materials for parents and ways to encourage the parents of our minority ethnic groups to become more involved with the school and their children’s education (March 2015).


English as an Additional Language Learning Base


We have recently set up our EAL Learning Base which provides a classroom for EAL pupils to come for additional language support. 


Here pupils attend lessons for English language support in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing as well as support with their other subject lessons. We also hold Read Write Inc Intervention groups and Guided Reading groups. The base is equipped with language books, laptops and many other resources to support new to English pupils.


New to English Arrivals


These pupils come from different backgrounds and have very different levels of English, experiences and needs. Individualised language plans are drawn up to best support these pupils.


New Arrival Induction Process


The EAL coordinator attends the initial meeting with parents and pupil in order to gain important background information. Pupils then spend time in the EAL learning base where assessments are carried out in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in addition to Maths tests and Writing assessments in class. Using this process we are able to ensure that Individual Language Plans are drawn up correctly. All pupils are given a Language Profile with EAL targets set according to their ‘steps’ in learning English, enrolled on the school reading scheme.


Pupils are given a buddy from their class to help them settle in, and where appropriate an EAL Peer Mentor is also assigned.

Pupils receive specialist support from dedicated Teaching and Reading Assistants and are monitored closely. After 6-8 weeks a review meeting takes place with pupils and their teachers.


Advanced Learners of English


It takes 2-3 years to develop conversational English and between 5-10 years for these pupils to operate on a par with their English speaking peers. 


Once New to English arrivals have progressed beyond ‘Step Level 5’ they are considered Advanced Learners of English but still require some level of support and differentiation.

Pupils born in the UK who have a home language other than English also fall into this group alongside pupils from 2nd and 3rd generation families who have a heritage other than English.

We continue to raise awareness of Advanced Learners of English and work collaboratively to meet the needs of these pupils. We aim to increase the attainment of these pupils through tracking, support and where necessary providing writing and reading intervention programmes.


EAL Peer Mentors


A number of Key Stage 2 pupils who were originally new to the country themselves support new to English EAL pupils. They regularly help them with learning, translation and interpreting for parents and are an invaluable asset to the school.

We are hoping to set up an EAL after school club in the near future.


ESOL Classes


Leeds is a good place to live; we hope that people enjoy life here.

Speaking English and knowing how things work here will help avoid problems and help you to enjoy living here.


Classes in English at Richmond Hill Primary include learning English and learning about England. In fact, there is information specifically about Leeds such as the location of services, businesses and leisure activities and how to access them.

The English classes are given to suit different abilities.



Classes are 8 to 12 people from a variety of countries and experiences. The approach in the classes is to make learning enjoyable and rewarding so that  learners can improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Length of course

The course is run in 3 terms of 12 weeks. The terms are similar to school terms, with a break in the middle of each term. Learners can usually improve by one level in a year.



Students are assessed before starting the course, then again each term. Students are tested on speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Your Tutor

Your tutor is qualified to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages ( ESOL) .



All the classes are held at Richmond Hill Primary.


When you can join

The joining time can be flexible, as long as there is space in the class. However, it will be best to join classes at the beginning of term.


Books and resources

The tutor will recommend resources and books. Exercises and hand-outs are given in classes. Homework is often given so that students can check their learning before the next class.



Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-10.30

Cost of classes: FREE


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