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Fuel For School


Fuel for School is an exciting initiative created by The Real Junk Food Project in partnership with Richmond Hill.


The programme has three key objectives:

1. Remove hunger as a barrier to learning

2. Highlight the importance of nutrition, well-being and the associated benefits linked to learning

3. Highlight the vast amounts of wasted (yet perfectly edible) food across our local and wider communities.


This programme began as a result of a partnership between The Real Junk Food Project and Richmond Hill with a project that was designed to remove hunger as a barrier to learning. The early work ensured that all 600 pupils at the school received a breakfast each morning at no cost to the school or pupils. Children at Richmond Hill now start their day in school with toast and a drink. The food provided is wasted food that would otherwise have been destined for landfill. This work has truly enriched the wellbeing of children, their families and the community the school serves.


The success of the work at Richmond Hill inspired a local awareness day where schools across Leeds were invited to take part in an event where food would be made available to provide a breakfast to any child in the city. Eventually 10,000 children were signed up from Leeds, Bradford, Sunderland and Doncaster and on Dec 8th 2015 children received food that would have otherwise been thrown away.


The legacy of this awareness day is the formal creation of Fuel for School.


Fuel for School currently (Dec 2016) provides 39 schools with a weekly delivery of food. This food is used by the schools in a variety of ways; market stalls for the school community, ingredients for cooking activities, rewards for children, supplement breakfast clubs and even chicken food for a school farm! Currently 6 tones of food per week are being saved from landfill as a result of this work, this will increase as more schools sign up to the project.

In addition to food deliveries the programme also provides schools with an education resource that includes lesson plans and activities designed to improve well-being (including mental health for children), cooking ideas, nutritional awareness (specific reference made to sugar), exercise plans and ideas on how to reduce food waste. The resource links with The Real Junk Food Project in highlighting the global issue of food waste.  Schools also receive a visit from Fred the Fox, the official mascot of Fuel for School. Fred; F:eed, R:ecycle, E:ducate, D:ine.  


At Richmond Hill we have used food as a medium to engage with our families, we have started to meet their needs in the most basic way. Our coffee mornings are extremely well attended and provide a lifeline for many families. Families are becoming better educated about food and nutrition. The families have built trust with the school and as a result of this outcomes for children are improving. These outcomes have been made possible by utilizing food that “the system” deemed useless and not fit for purpose!


Here is what some of the schools have said,


“We have used some of the over-ripe bananas to make banana loaf with a group of vulnerable children.  Every item of food that has been delivered has been used in some way. It's either been sold to parents on a pay as you feel basis, fed the chickens, fuelled breakfast club or staff have taken it home. The deliveries have been great, all on time and filled with a varied selection of food” Oulton Primary School


“Many thanks for all you have left -it all went very quickly and our parents were very grateful. We even had some donations which was great!” Little London Primary School


“Was lovely to meet you guys this week. What a success our little pop up stall was – parents blown away and we collected £40 ish which was very unexpected. We will be communicating more with parents in our newsletter this week so hopefully the programme will go from strength to strength.”  Southroyd Primary School


There has been considerable media interest in Fuel for School and features have been shown on BBC1 and ITV breakfast shows.


To find out more about Fuel for School visit

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Yorkshire Reporter Jan 2016 Edition