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Under the Sea

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Summer 2 Newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter

Handa's Surprise

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Handa's Surprise  2
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Spring 2 Newsletter

Tapestry Online Learning Journey 

Please see the link below for Tapestry. Please feel free to add observations of your child at home or comment on any observations that you see happening in school! 


If you have any problems working the programme or logging on please do not hesitate to come and see me. 


Miss Jones smiley




Spring 1 Newsletter

Halloween Fun!

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Star of the Week

Star of the Week 1


This week Harry is our star of the week. Harry has shown how he can follow all of our school and class rules sensibly and encourage his peers to do so too! Harry always walks smartly in our line to the dinner hall.

Well done Harry!no

Welcome to RG2! smiley

Class Teacher - Miss Jones

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Robertson 


Reminders mail

- WC Monday 12th - All children start school at 8.50 and finish after lunch at 12.45. 

- WC Monday 19th - All children start school at 8.50 and finish at 3.15. 

Newsletter 1


Uniform: In order to ensure we are able to retrieve your child’s uniform and school clothes should they misplace them, please, please label everything your child owns with their name. Please can you also ensure that as we approach Autumn and enter the winter months children have weather appropriate clothes so they are not cold whilst playing outside.


Parent’s evening will be on Thursday 13th October Letters about making appointments will be sent out nearer the time. However please don’t wait until parent’s evening if you have any issues or concerns, feel free to come and speak to us at any time. You are also welcome to look at your children’s’ ‘learning journey’ profile books which are kept just inside the classroom.


Quick reminder, please can you check that we are aware of your child’s password in case they are picked up by a different adult at home time.


Many Thanks!