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Classes for September 2017

The class teachers for Sept 2017 are now confirmed as


1R1 Mr Rollin (new teacher to school)

1R2 Mrs McGinley

1R3 Mrs Berry / Mrs Wood

2Y1 Mrs Wallis

2Y2 Miss Blundell

2Y3 Mrs Morgan-Huntley

3G1 Mr Aston (new teacher to school)

3G2 Miss Rosindale

3G3 Mrs Manning

4S1 Miss Clunie / Mrs Jaber

4S2 Mr Sansoya

4S3 Miss Spence

5T1 Mr Walton

5T2 Miss Boudry (new teacher school)

5T3 Mr Lenehan / Mr Williamson (new teacher to school) 

6M1 Mr Grogan (new teacher school)

6M2 Mr Maher

6M3 Mr Nyakubaya