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Classes for September 2017

The class teachers for Sept 2017 are now confirmed as


1R1 Mr Rollin (new teacher to school)

1R2 Mrs McGinley

1R3 Mrs Berry

2Y1 Mrs Wallis

2Y2 Miss Blundell

2Y3 Mrs T Fenn 

3G1 Mr L Bennett and Ms G Butler

3G2 Miss Rosindale

3G3 Mrs Manning

4S1 Miss Clunie

4S2 Mr Sansoya

4S3 Miss Spence

5T1 Mr Walton

5T2 Miss Boudry (new teacher school)

5T3 Mr Lenehan / Mr Williamson (new teacher to school) 

6M1 Mr Grogan (new teacher school)

6M2 Mr Maher

6M3 Mr Nyakubaya