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April 2016

Insects are incredible. There are thousands of different kinds of bug that can be found in all shapes and sizes. On Wednesday 4th May we will be meeting some of these weird and wonderful creatures at nursery.

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January 2016

Happy New Year!



Welcome back to Nursery after a fun-filled December. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho! 1
Ho Ho Ho! 2 Merry Christmas!

Thank you to all our parents (and Santa!) for coming to our special Christmas "Stay and Play" session. Everyone had a great time making cards and decorations and decorating biscuits

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

We say bye bye to our 'Elf on the shelf', who has flown back to the North Pole to Santa. We loved looking for all his different hiding places and we're sure Santa loved hearing about all the fantastic girls and boys in Richmond Hill Primary School Nursery.

In Nursery we plan from our children's interests.

We have a lot of children interested in dressing-up and pretending to be doctors and dentists, so this half-term we will be learning about all the different jobs and roles that people have and how they help us. We will be thinking about who helps me at home and at school and who helps to keep me safe and healthy. We will be learning about the real life super heroes like fire fighters and police and also having fun with fantasy super-heroes.

Wednesday 10th February

Come to Nursery dressed as a super-hero!


Hello! Welcome to Nursery!


A big welcome to all our new children and their families. We are sure that you will love coming to Nursery. This is an exciting time for new beginnings and making friends. Our days will be filled with lots of wonderful experiences and opportunities for playing and learning and growing together.

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First Day at Nursery School

The tables are clean

The chairs are too

Everything’s ready and waiting for you


Please don’t worry

There’s nothing to fear

When friends all gather from far and near


We’ll greet you each morning

At the door

Then you’ll find out what is in store


We will laugh and learn

And have so much fun

And time will fly till the day is done


So get set, get ready

Here we go!

It’s time to play and learn and grow

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Owl Adventures

Owl Adventures 1
Owl Adventures 2

Alvin the American Burrowing Owl

Alvin the American Burrowing Owl 1

On Wednesday 30th September “Owl Adventures” came to Nursery. We held the birds and were treated to a fantastic flying show. Ryan told us lots of interesting owl facts. First we met ‘Alvin’ the American Burrowing Owl. He is one of the smallest owls. He has long legs and bright yellow eyes. He lives in burrows under the ground and he likes to come out during the day.

Florence the kestrel

Florence the kestrel 1

Next we met ‘Florence’. She is not an owl, she is a kestrel. She has pointed wings and a long tail. She likes to eat small mammals like mice. Kestrels can often be seen hovering near the edge of roads and in fields looking for mice to catch.

Whisper the barn owl

Whisper the barn owl 1

Last of all we met ’Whisper’. Whisper is a beautiful barn owl with black eyes and a heart-shaped face. She made a hissing sound a bit like a rattle snake. Whisper has powerful talons to catch her prey. She likes to hunt at night so we were very lucky that she flew in the daytime for us. She really enjoyed the chicks that Ryan kept feeding her. She has a white face and tummy and a brown speckled head and back. Whisper loved to fly around our playground.

Picture 1
Picture 2

She even had a go at riding a bike.

Picture 1

She loved our pirate ship.

Picture 1