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P.E and School Sport

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The School Sport Premium funding is used across school to enrich the outcomes for children and young people. The school works with a number of external agencies to enrich the work of our school based staff.

Active Schools and Leeds Rhinos Foundation (£2,900 cost in total)

Mini Mermaid Running Club

Mini Mermaid Running Club (MMRC) has been developed in the USA through a collaboration of professional women in the fields of health, nutrition, education, fitness and mental health. 


Studies in the UK have shown that girls' self-esteem peaks when they are approximately 9 years old, and then takes a nosedive as outside influences such as the Internet, TV and magazines seep into their consciousness. 


Not surprisingly we now have a confused generation, disengaging from education and the world around them, which leads to low aspirations, poor body image, fickle self-esteem and a confused identity. 


MMRC is a unique running club for girls (from 5 – 14) which tackles these issues, the goal being to help build self-esteem, teach healthy eating and living skills while giving girls a chance to fall in love with running, moving their bodies and experiencing the satisfaction of crossing a finish line.


The program begins when the girls are aged between 5 and 7, therefore addressing self-esteem issues before girls reach the peak age of 9 when self-esteem begins to wane. This is unlike many of the other groups and programs that are available in the UK which all begin when the girls reach adolescent where self esteem issues are already entrenched in the girls.


During the 6 week curriculum the girls are taught the value of exercise and moving their bodies regardless of their size, shape or ability. The workouts are not focused on being first or running fast, but rather on each girl finding their own pace so that they can run their own race.


Using small groups of no more than 10 girls, written journals and coaches, the program has the opportunity to give the tools that will help girls to not mask what is hard in their lives but rather unleash a girl’s power to bounce back from the things that may attempt to hold them back. It also gives them the opportunity to express what frightens them, and how they can move forward from these challenges. 




Fuel for School


Food and Wellbeing programme that supplies the school with a weekly donation of food for use in school. This programme supports our nutrition programme and ensures children are able to handle, prepare, cook and eat a wide variety of nutritious food.




School Base Staffing


The remaining balance of the Sports Premium is used to cover staffing costs. The school using Pupil Premium to pay for a full time P.E teacher. Cover is provided 3 times per year (using Sports Premium funding) to release teachers to work alongside the P.E teacher to provide professional development for staff.


A programme of enrichment for Gifted and Talented sport is in place across school. Gymnastics, Football, Rugby and Athletics. Sports Premium is used to pay for staffing to ensure this can be delivered during the school day.


Sports Coaches are employed to work lunchtimes to ensure enriched sports sessions are available for wider participation.


Cost £2,910



Curriculum Scheme of Work

After School Activities

P.E Kit