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Summer 2


In our topic we are learning all about the jungle and growing things. We are learning about different animals in the jungle and how they move. We are also looking at how the jungle is different from where we live.

As part of our topic we are growing different plants- if you look on the windowsill you may see our cress monkeys growing now. We are learning about caring for plants and how to keep them healthy.

We will also be taking part in the school carnival and our country is France so we will be learning all about France- the language, clothes, food and famous buildings.


Children will be continuing in their Read Write inc groups working hard on reading, writing and speaking skills. They will be working hard to make progress and challenge themselves.


In maths we will be focusing on number and counting skills. We will be doing lots of work on one more and one less (1-20), adding and subtracting and also learning about doubling and halving. We will practice this in all the different areas of provision in and outside.

Physical development

We have PE lessons on a Tuesday afternoon so please send your child with the correct kit (shorts/tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt) so that they can take part.

Please continue to send your child in suitable clothing for school- it is at times cold and they may still need their coats for

outdoor learning- during warm spells they can take them off. Please also send a water bottle so that children can keep hydrated during the day and sun cream for them to apply.


Thanks, Miss Stoker & Miss Jones

Summer Term 1


RG2 - Summer 1 Newsletter


Welcome back! Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break. 

Before Easter we said goodbye to Mrs Burnley and now it's time to say hello to Miss Stoker (who will teach on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) and Miss Shillito (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday).


Under the Sea

We are already enjoying our new topic “Under the sea” and looking forward to working in our school’s new amazing ‘Immersive Room’. The children will be learning about sea creatures whilst videos of fish and turtles swim around on the walls and floor. The interactive floor has bubbles and waves that move as the children touch it or walk on it.


In Literacy we will be enjoying the stories of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘Tiddler’ and using information books to find out about sharks, whales and dolphins and whatever the children are interested in. We will be finding out about different habitats and the effects of pollution on sea animals. Did you know that one of the killers of sea animals are balloons that land in the ocean and then get eaten by the animals who think they are food.


In Maths we are doing lots of counting and ordering of numbers up to 20 and above. We are getting really good at adding, subtracting and doubling. Wherever possible we try to link our work to our topic, so we will be catching numbered fish in our water tray and sorting sea creatures by how many legs they have or what pattern is on their bodies.


Super Scientists - the children will be doing lots of experiments with water and making potions.


We have our PE lessons on a Tuesday- please make sure your child has the appropriate PE kit in school with them so they can take part in these lessons. 


It seems as though summer is here at last but please will you send a coat every day – we don’t make the children wear them when it is hot but the weather can quickly change. If you have not already, please can you send a plastic water bottle in to school for your child with their name on. Your child will also need some high protection sun cream with their name on and we will help them to apply it when it is very sunny.


Thank you, Miss Stoker and Miss Shillito

Welcome to Class RG2!


This is reception G2, Mrs Burnley is our teacher and Mrs Adams is our teaching assistant.


We haven’t been at school for very long, but already we have been learning about lots of things. In the first few weeks we did lots of learning about ourselves, telling each other about the things that we like such as favourite colours, favourite objects and favourite people. We spent these first few weeks exploring our classroom, finding out where things were kept, learning how to play safely and making new friends.


We did lots of investigating during the first autumn term, looking at the seasons, how plants and animals change during the seasons and making lots of autumn art work using different techniques such as sponge printing, finger painting and chalking. During this term we also used shapes to create pictures of things we know and looked at the artists who use lots of shapes in their work, including Kadinsky and we interpreted some of his work with circular paintings. We began our new phonics program, Read Write Inc and we made good progress with our set 1 sounds setting the foundation for us to begin reading and writing words and phrases. We worked with numbers everyday to ensure we were confident with numbers to 20, and will continue to work on this basic skill throughout our time in reception.


Now we have entered autumn term 2 we are beginning to be more independent, asking questions about our topics and determining the direction of our learning through our interests and questions. We are currently learning about our Queen. After a class discussion we have learned that we would like to find out about many things about the Queen including how many babies she had, what are her tea parties like, who cleans her castle, who looks after her and what does she do? We will be finding the answers to these questions through independent and adult led investigations. Another exciting development this half term is the introduction of structured PE lessons, in RG2 we all enjoy and are enthused by PE and are very good at getting changed into our kit and then back into our clothes after the lesson.


In maths amongst other things we will be learning about money and the worth of different coins, how to add objects and then numbers and also about capacity. We will continue to work on the Read Write Inc program and when we can read words we will be bringing books home to share with our parents and carers.


We are looking forward to Christmas and all the fun exciting activities that are to come.

Fantastic Friends

We were lucky enough to have a photo booth in school to make some memories with our fantastic friends.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Spring 1 Newsletter