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Summer Term Newsletter

In G3 you may have noticed a new face – we are very pleased to have Mr. Fry join our team. He is a trainee teacher and will be working alongside Mrs. Peters until half-term.

Under the Sea

We are already enjoying our new topic “Under the sea” and looking forward to working in our school’s new amazing ‘Immersive Room’. The children will be learning about sea creatures whilst videos of fish and turtles swim around on the walls and floor. The interactive floor has bubbles and waves that move as the children touch it or walk on it.


In Literacy we will be enjoying the stories of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘Tiddler’ and using information books to find out about sharks, whales and dolphins and whatever the children are interested in. We will be finding out about different habitats and the effects of pollution on sea animals. Did you know that one of the killers of sea animals are balloons that land in the ocean and then get eaten by the animals who think they are food.


In Maths we are doing lots of counting and ordering of numbers up to 20 and above. We are getting really good at adding, subtracting and doubling. Wherever possible we try to link our work to our topic, so we will be catching numbered fish in our water tray and sorting sea creatures by how many legs they have or what pattern is on their bodies.


Super Scientists - the children will be doing lots of experiments with water and making potions.


It seems as though summer is here at last but please will you send a coat every day – we don’t make the children wear them when it is hot but the weather can quickly change. Your child will also need some high protection sun cream with their name on and we will help them to apply it when it is very sunny.














It looks like a GIGANTIC animal’s footprint. But that’s silly-the only creature that big would be…



This is mad! Dinosaurs are EXTINCT!

Not in Reception at Richmond Hill Primary School they’re not, the dinosaurs are taking over. They have laid eggs in our sand pit and we keep finding dinosaur bones in the strangest of places.


We are very excited about our new topic and are going to be finding out all about different dinosaurs, enjoying stories about dinosaurs, creating landscapes for dinosaurs and even doing maths with dinosaurs- “Hmmm I wonder how tall that dinosaur is?”

Welcome to Class RG3!


All the children have settled so well into the class and are enjoying everything we do at school.

Physical Development


We have great plans to make our outside area more physically demanding and adventurous so WATCH THIS SPACE!


P.E. We now do P.E. every Wednesday afternoon. The children are taught by a specialist teacher, Mrs. Moores. She had the children for the first time last week and said that they had been “a pleasure to teach.”



We sing songs, say number rhymes and do counting every day. This half term we will be learning about money and doing some weighing, as well as doing lots of different mathematical activities in our classroom.


Read, Write Inc

The children are working really hard to learn to read and write their letter sounds. Some children have moved on to the trickier sounds like ‘nk’ and ‘ng’ and are working with Miss Kell to improve their blending skills.


Our Topic – Royals and Rebels

This is a whole-school topic and in G3 we are learning about The Queen, The Royal Family and about princes, knights and princesses in stories. We were very fortunate that Mr. Atkinson bumped into Cinderella at a wedding recently and he told her all about the fantastic work we were doing in Reception. Amazingly, just as the clock struck 12 she dashed past his table and left a silver box for us packed full of wonderful things. The children have enjoyed the different stories that were in the box and dressing up as princes and princesses. We are very interested in the clothes of kings and queens and knights. We loved The Queen’s wedding dress and one child was fascinated by it’s long train so we are designing beautiful dresses for The Queen and Cinderella. We follow the children’s interests through our topic work and do lots of art and craft as well as writing e.g. We are sending the dresses we have designed to The Queen and writing her letters as we try to find out all about the royal family.