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Summer Holiday Activities 2016

Community Meeting

Grants for Families in Crisis

"The children's grant giving organisation, Buttle UK, is offering families living in crisis access of grants up to £300. This programme is designed to help ensure that children who are experiencing very difficult circumstances where their safety, health or development is at risk, still have their masic needs met. The funding is available to provide essential items such as a bed to help a young person sleep, a washing machine so a child has clean clothes or a cooker to give them a hot meal.


For more info visit:

Community Unity
Community Unity is a local charity for Cross Green, Richmond Hill and East End Park. We are involved in a range of activities that are all about local people working together to make a better community. Whether its helping annually to organise Lark in the Park, trips and a playscheme in the summer holidays, hampers at Christmas and family parties or our weekly club activities for years 5 to 7, Community Unity is an opportunity for you to get involved. You might also have an idea of something that would be great to do in the area but not sure how you can do it. Community Unity would love to hear your idea and, if we can, help support to make it happen.
If you want to know more about our activities or get involved by helping then please take a look on our facebook page, or ring us on 07527 742347.

The Inner East Cluster


The Inner East Cluster team work with schools and partners to provide targeted all year round support to children and families across the Richmond Hill, Burmantofts, Lincoln Green and Gipton neighbourhoods.


We are based at the Lincoln Fields Centre and have staff with expertise in family support, improving school attendance and supporting behavioural, emotional and developmental needs. We can offer support either at home, at school or in a community setting.


To find out what support is available for families within the local Richmond Hill community please click on the following link