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Richmond Hill Ready

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At Richmond Hill Primary School we have worked together to create a shared language of learning.


The key learning components that make up our shared language of learning are listed below.


These components have been produced in collaboration with our school community and have elements of the Thrive approach included in the specific descriptors.  


Are you ready to activate your learning components?

Picture 1

The Creation of Richmond Hill Ready

A demonstration of how two years of School Improvement have come together to improve outcomes for learners

Richmond Hill Ready, a Beginners Guide

A complete overview of Richmond Hill Ready

Lifting the lid on Richmond Hill Ready

The story of the creation of Richmond Hill Ready

Learning Components

An explanation of learning components

Learning Behaviours

This video provides an outline of our approach to behaviour

Nicola Adams Richmond Hill Ready

Former Richmond Hill Pupil Nicola Adams answers our questions

Our work with Thrive has played a significant part in this work we would like to give credit to the work of Thrive and acknowledge the contribution to Richmond Hill Ready.