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At Richmond Hill we work to support our children and families in being Richmond Hill Ready. This means that we strive to meet the following needs:


Basic Needs

Safety Needs

Social Needs

Emotional Needs


Once these needs have been met children will be better equipped to engage in effective learning.


We are an inclusive school, working collaboratively with a range of partners to maximise opportunities for all our pupils, families and staff.


Richmond Hill Ready includes some of the Thrive Principles.


There are four guiding principles of the Thrive Approach:

• Every child is a unique person, constantly developing and learning in different ways and at different rates, each with his/her own abilities, talents and potential to be fulfilled.

• Children’s healthy development, emotional well-being and learning are crucially dependent upon, and promoted through, positive relationships.

• Children flourish when they are confident, self-assured, capable and resilient.

• Children thrive in enabling environments, in which their individual development, learning experiences and needs are understood, responded to and supported through strong partnerships with parents/carers.


Community is at the heart of our work and our work extends beyond school and into the local and wider community.

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Home School Agreement

School Opening Times

Nursery am  8.45am-11.45 am Nursery pm  12.15-3-15pm

Whole School-8.50am-3.15pm


Breakfast Club 

Every school day 8.00am - 8.50am

£1 pay as you go



School Behaviour Guidleines

  School Uniform


    Boys:                                                                             Girls:

     Grey, navy or black trousers                                            Grey, navy or black skirt/trousers

     White shirt /polo shirt                                                        White blouse/poloshirt

     Red or navy blue sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan                   Red or navy blue



   School PE Kit


    Boys:                                                                               Girls:    

      Shorts/t-shirt Trainers                                                       Shorts/skirt/t-shirt Trainers



   Year 3/4 Swimming


    Boys:                                                                                Girls:

      Trunks Towel Goggles                                                       Costume Towel Goggles

      Carrier bag for wet items                                                    Carrier bag for wet items




For more specific and detailed information, including access to the DfE School performance Tables please click the following link