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Who to talk to

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We always encourage parents / carers to begin any conversation with school with class teachers. If the outcome at this point is not satisfactory then contact should be made with the Phase Leader. Following the Phase Leader we have 4 Assistant Principals and finally the Headteacher. If at the end of this process a solution has not been achieved the Chair of Governors will be the final point of school contact.

Child protection designated officers:


Ms G Coulson

Ms D Mara


Prevent Duty Officer:





Mr peter Gruen (Chair of Governors)


Behaviour Support:


Mrs Butler

Mrs Bennett


Thrive Practitioners:


Mrs L Bennett

Mrs G Butler

Miss G Coulson

Ms A Kay

Ms D Mara


Special Educational Needs:


Mrs L Bennett

Mrs G Butler


Parent Support:


Ms A Kay


Classroom Support:




Mrs D Freeman

Miss N Welsh


Dinner Money:


Ms N Welsh


After Schools Clubs: