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Year 2 Dahl -Mrs K Morris

Welcome to KS1

Welcome to KS1 1

Autumn 2 - Homework

This half term we are changing how we are sending homework home with the children. Instead of sending single sheets home in the homework books for English/Topic, we are now sending out a Nandos style task sheet for the children to work from.

This means that you can help your child choose which task that they would like to complete for their homework that week. This is then to be returned by the following Friday so that I can mark it.

*Homework is still alternating between Maths and the Nandos style task sheet each week.

* Also, if you would like your child to do some additional Maths work at home, they now have access to Matheltics. I have their usernames and passwords and will be sending these out over the next week or so. If you need help with it, please do not be afraid to ask me.


Miss Blundell


Autumn 1

This half term, 2 Dahl have been exploring the use of provision within our classroom. This means that following the teaching input, the children will go to different areas (such as Writing area, Maths area and Reading area) and complete different tasks independently. This has started to teach the children how to become more independent within the learning but also allowed them to have directed support from me multiple times a week in each subject area.

The children have grasped this very well and we are excited for it to continue.

Photos of children using the areas to follow.