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Year 6 Dahl - Mr Grogan

Autumn 2017


Dear Parents and Carers, 


A warm welcome to the Year 6 Dahl class page. Here you will find more information about the exciting things planned for your child’s last year at Richmond Hill primary school. 



The Year 5/6 topic this term is the Victorians. Across the phase, all classes will be taking an in depth look into this fascinating period of British history. In our English, staying with the Victorian theme, we are currently reading 'Dodger' the tale of a boy, who having run away from home becomes a successful pickpocket in London.



This term, Year 6 pupils are studying electricity. Building on their learning from work in Year 4, pupils will: gain a more in depth knowledge of the topic; explore how to make parallel and series circuits; and complete investigations using a variety of electrical components.



The school continues its commitment to deliver high quality PE to all pupils. This term, Year 6 Dahl PE lessons will take place on Friday afternoon. It is important that pupils always bring the correct PE kit on this day. 



This term's homework is focused on spellings. Each Monday your child will receive a spelling list (these are directly linked to the National Curriculum Year 5/6 word list). Children are expected to learn the spellings each night in preparation for a weekly test on Friday. It is important that time is spent learning these spelling patterns as there will be a spelling test as part of the end of key stage examinations.



On Monday 9 October, Year 6 will be heading south to Doncaster for three days as they take part in the annual residential trip to the Kingswood outdoor education activity centre. The Kingswood centre provides challenging and rewarding education and adventure experiences; I am sure all those pupils, who are going on the trip will have a wonderful time.


Please be assured if you have any questions or concerns that you can come and speak to me in person. It is important that as parents, carers and teachers we have clear, open and honest communication.


Thank you


Mr Grogan


Year 6 Dahl Class teacher

Year 5/6 Phase leader