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Year2 Morpurgo - Mrs Manning

Welcome to KS1

Welcome to KS1 1

Autumn 1 2017

Welcome back to school. We are ready to start a new year in 2 Morpurgo. Already we have been getting lots of stamps in our planners for good behaviour but we want to get lots more!


This term our PE session is on a Wednesday. Please make sure you have your kit in school. 


In English we are looking at traditional tales, so far we have read Goldilocks and the three bears and Jack and the beanstalk, as well as listening to Beauty and the beast. We are working hard on using the correct punctuation in our sentences as well as when we ask a question.


In maths we are spending time counting and being able to find 1 more and 1 less plus 10 more and 10 less. As well as looking at place value of numbers. 


Our topic work is 'Into the woods'. We have already been visited by an elf called Edward quite a few times. He has now left us an impressive silver egg which gave us plenty to talk about!


At home it would be very helpful if the children can work on learning their    x 2 x 5 and x 10 times tables. A reading book will also be sent home to read and discuss each week. If your child did not pass their phonic test in Y1 they have phonics homework too.


Please feel free to ask any further questions. 


Mrs Morgan-Huntley


Summer 2 2017 Newsletter

Summer Term 1 2017


Welcome back after the Easter holidays. Here is our Summer 1 newsletter.

Summer 1 newsletter

Forensic science workshop

On Thursday 23rd March we had our forensic science workshop. There had been a break-in and we had to use the clues to find out who had done it. We looked at fingerprints, footprints and other clues that had been left. We also worked in our team to discuss the possible suspects before deciding who was guilty. It was a fantastic 45 minutes. 

Seed experiment for Edward the elf

Edward the elf asked us to help him understand how to grow a healthy plant. So we set up a fair test to see what a cress seed needed to grow into a healthy plant. We found out they needed warmth, sunlight and water to grow into healthy green cress.  

Planting our carrots

Planting our carrots 1
Planting our carrots 2
2Y3 planted some carrots seeds in early March but before we could do that we had to do lots of weeding!

Tinyville - where Edward lives

Tinyville - where Edward lives 1

Tinyville flowers and plants

Our elf, Edward, sent us a letter to say that Tinyville was bare and he thought that it needed some toadstools, plants and flowers. So we decided to get creative and we made him some!

Art Day 6th March 2017

We looked at the artist Wassily Kandinsky. In particular his painting 'Concentric Circles'. We mixed primary colours for the first time to make secondary colours and then made our own version of his circles painting. we had lots of fun!

World Book day 2017

On Thursday 2nd March we read 'The Kiss That Missed' by David Melling. 


In the morning we wrote some dragon calligrams and we also did some directions to follow the kiss. In the afternoon we investigated which paper would help our kisses travel the furthest! Then we shared our books that we had brought in.  

The arrival of an elf!

The arrival of an elf! 1
We got into the classroom after lunch and there was a tiny door! We had lots of questions about it and then the next door a letter appeared from an elf called Edward! 

Newsletter Spring Term 2


Skeletons! 1
Skeletons! 2
We looked at keeping healthy this term and we did lots of work about our skeleton. We listened to 'Funnybones' and then we put the big skeleton all back together. then we labelled the larger skeleton with some names of bones that we knew. 

Newsletter Spring Term 1

Road safety team Christmas Panto December 12th 2016

Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016

Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 1
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 2
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 3
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 4
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 5
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 6
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 7
Animal Roadshow visit 9th November 2016 8
It was a fantastic day with two sessions with Dr James McKay. In the morning we met a giant pouched rat, a hissing cockroach and a rosy boa snake. In the afternoon we were introduced to an African Bullfrog, a Kimberley Rock Lizard and lastly a Barn Owl. The owl treated us to two flights across the small hall and he was treated to a piece of chicken! His wings made no noise as he flew - that's why Miss Morgan didn't hear him coming and nearly missed taking his photo!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Autumn Term 2

Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Year 2. 


I hope that you had a fantastic summer and are ready for the exciting challenges we have ahead!


I know that you will work hard and really try to be best you can be.


Miss Morgan


Autumn term 1 newsletter

Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2016


On Tuesday we came to school dressed as our favourite character from a Roald Dahl book. We read the Enormous Crocodile this week and found out what a mean and nasty character he was. We decided on Thursday that he definitely got what he deserved!


In art on Tuesday afternoon we made our own roly-poly bird, who was a nice character in the story. 


Roly Poly birds

Roly Poly birds 1
Roly Poly birds 2

Dressing up

Dressing up 1

Where is the best place to build a castle?

We talked in our groups about each place and decided whether Queen Elizabeth should build a castle for one of her lords there or not. We visited all the places and wrote our ideas down - good or bad!

Year 2 trip to Skipton Castle

We had a fantastic time at Skipton Castle on 6th October 2016.